Metal Enclosure Manufacturing

At Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd, we specialise in the design and manufacturing of high-quality steel enclosures tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

With our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team, we have the expertise to create durable and reliable enclosures that provide superior protection for your valuable equipment. Whether you require enclosures for the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, or any other industry, we have you covered.

Metal Enclosure Capabilities:

  • IP65 rated

  • Fully Customisable

  • Superior Protection

  • Durable and reliable

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    Exceptional strength and resilience. It can withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, and heavy-duty usage, ensuring long-lasting protection for your equipment.


    Security Lock

    Robust barrier against theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. With their sturdy construction and reliable locking mechanisms, they offer peace of mind and safeguard your valuable assets.



    Customised to accommodate various shapes, sizes, and specifications. Whether you need a small wall-mounted enclosure or a large freestanding cabinet, our manufacturing capabilities can fulfil your requirements.



    Highly resistant to fire, corrosion, and impact, providing superior protection for sensitive electronic equipment, machinery, and other valuable assets. This durability ensures minimal downtime and reduces the risk of costly repairs or replacements.

    metal enclosure manufacturing

    Steel Enclosures Manufacturing Process

    At Wrekin Sheetmetal Ltd, we follow a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality steel enclosures:

    1. Consultation and Design: Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements. We collaborate to design custom enclosures that optimise functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics.

    2. Material Selection: We source premium-grade steel materials from reputable suppliers. Our selection process ensures that the steel used in the manufacturing process meets industry standards and offers optimal performance.

    3. Precision Manufacturing: Utilising advanced manufacturing techniques and equipment, we meticulously fabricate each enclosure component. Our skilled technicians pay attention to every detail, ensuring precision and quality throughout the production process.

    4. Finishing and Coating: Once the fabrication is complete, we apply high-quality finishes and coatings to enhance the durability and aesthetics of the steel enclosures. These coatings offer additional protection against corrosion, weathering, and other environmental factors.

    5. Quality Assurance: Before delivery, quality checks are instigated to ensure it meets our stringent standards. We conduct thorough inspections for structural integrity, functionality, and adherence to design specifications.

    6. Timely Delivery and Installation: We understand the importance of timely delivery. Our logistics team ensures that your steel enclosures are shipped promptly and securely. If required, we also provide installation services to ensure a seamless integration of the enclosures into your facility.

    Industries We Serve

    Our steel enclosures find applications in a wide range of industries, including:

    • Automotive and Transportation

    • Telecommunications

    • Energy and Utilities

    • Manufacturing and Industrial

    • Aerospace and Défense

    • Electronics and Technology

    • Medical and Healthcare

    • Research and Development

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