The UKs Leading sheet metal

Fabrication &
Assembly Specialist

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The Wrekin Approach

By fostering strong relationships,
backed up with our 20 years of knowledge and experience,
leads to greater efficiency and innovative solutions in sheet metal fabrication.

We offer a supportive, end-to-end service, taking initial concepts from consultation, through to assembly & delivery,
producing high quality, precise sheet metal fabrication solutions, backed up by over 18+ years of experience.

We pride ourselves in offering the most

flexible sheet metal fabrication solutions available!

With our wide range of in-house, end-to-end services, we can take an initial concept through to a completely assembled product, delivering a high quality finished that meets your specification.

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Metal Casing Product
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Coming soon...

Large volume, proactive lasercutting

at the push of a button

With the fourth age of industry upon us there is no better time for a well established company like
Wrekin to keep up to date with the latest technologies and experiences.

Introducing a smart way for customers to interact with our experienced staff.

We've invested in our staff and equipment
since 2003

Enabling us to bring you the most up to date sheet metal fabrication capabilities back up by over
18+ years of experience, by people who care!

Most of our employees have been with us from the start, growing with us into the Wrekin family
 we’re so proud of today!

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How can we help?

With over 18+ years of knowledge and experience, we're confident we can offer a flexible solution beneficial to both parties, get in touch with us today.