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Metal Enclosure

We specialise in the design and manufacturing of high-quality steel enclosures tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Metal Enclosure about Metal Enclosure

Clients work with Wrekin Sheetmetal because they know that they can rely on us to deliver precision, speed, and bulk when it comes to their products.

Conveyors about Conveyors
Heat Displacement

When Wrekin Sheetmetal works with a client we enter into a genuine partnership based on delivering a professional service, rather than simply completing a one-off job.

Heat Displacement about Heat Displacement

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) know that the customers they serve rely on them to supply items that meet strict criteria.

Void Property Solutions

Clients work with Wrekin Sheetmetal time and time again for a wide variety of reasons.

Void Property Solutions about Void Property Solutions

Clients working in highly specialized fields such as refrigeration come to Wrekin Sheetmetal time and time again because they know that we understand their needs.

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Point of sale

The sheet metal solutions provided by Wrekin Sheetmetal are valued by our clients for a wide range of reasons.

Point of sale about Point of sale

We pride ourselves in offering the most

flexible sheet metal fabrication solutions available!

With our wide range of in-house, end-to-end services, we can take an initial concept through to a completely assembled product, delivering a high quality finished that meets your specification.

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