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We Offer the Precision and Quality Our Refrigeration Clients Need

Clients working in highly specialised fields such as refrigeration come to Wrekin Sheetmetal time and time again because they know that we understand their needs. We make sure that this is the case by entering into a genuine partnership with each client rather than simply treating the brief they bring to us as a one-off job to be completed. We get to know their business and to understand the problems they face so that we can get on with the job of providing bespoke solutions. Clients manufacturing industrial refrigeration units need to know that the components they use can be relied upon to perform in the long term, and that’s a promise we’re able to make.

  • Solutions

    Taking problems or issues and turning them into solutions 

  • Flexibility

    Excellence guaranteed whether a project is a one-off bespoke item or a large-scale order

  • Precision

    State of the art equipment creates components to the tightest tolerances

  • Automation

    Utilising the power of the fourth industrial revolution to automate processes and speed delivery

  • Communication

    Ensuring the client knows exactly what is happening from first contact to final delivery 

Explore the wide range of refrigeration products we can manufacture.

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    Fabrication Fade

    Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturer

    We can provide CNC laser cutting, CNC forming, CNC punching, welding, and fabrication as well as finishing and assembly services. Because we provide all of this in-house, we can ensure that each component of a refrigeration project is manufactured to the same precise standards as each other component and that the finished project is assembled with the same precision and quality.

    The second factor we offer is a firm commitment to investing and reinvesting in the latest technology. Equipment such as Amada laser cutting units represents industry-leading choices, particularly when operated by technicians with the expertise and experience of those employed by Wrekin Sheetmetal.

    In addition to this, we’ve invested heavily in automation, meaning that many of our services can be provided around the clock in lights out, unmanned operation. This means that we can work to the strictest deadlines and shortest lead times, offering reassurance for those refrigeration clients given jobs to complete with little notice.

    Refrigeration Manufacturing

    The promise of excellence we make to our refrigeration clients is based on several factors. The first of these is the full-service nature of the work that we do. Refrigeration projects are often highly complex in manner, with a range and variety of components needing to be engineered.

    It doesn’t matter whether a refrigeration project involves a few items to complete, an existing unit, or a large scale production run involving multiple components and complex sub-assembly – in both cases we’ll find out whatever the client needs and make sure it’s delivered on time and with complete precision.

    refrigeration components manufacturer

    Refrigeration Components

    With 20 years of experience, we are able to adapt and manufacture a wide range of refrigeration components. This includes, but is not limited to:


    Enhance your refrigeration efficiency with our robust coldroom and fridge shelving, engineered for durability and maximum space optimisation. Explore Wrekin Sheetmetal’s custom solutions to meet all your refrigeration storage needs.


    Utilising state-of-the-art technology, our carcase refrigerators ensure precise temperature control and consistent quality, making them perfect for domestic applications.


    Our custom-designed plates are crafted with precision, fitting seamlessly into your bespoke refrigerator. 


    We specialise in manufacturing custom-sized canopies. Our canopies are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your retail and commercial spaces.


    Trust Wrekin Sheetmetal to deliver high-performance plinths that ensure stability and durability for your refrigeration units. Our partnership approach and advanced manufacturing techniques meet the exacting demands of specialised refrigeration industries.


    Enhance your refrigeration solutions with our durable, water-resistant trays, custom-designed to securely store and contain everything from perishable foods to sensitive medical supplies.


    Discover the difference with Wrekin Sheetmetal’s precision-engineered baffles, designed for the rigorous demands of industrial refrigeration.

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