Metal Welding Services

Our fabrication and welding facilities deliver bespoke solutions for clients expecting the best.

Welding Capabilities:

  • TIG welding

  • Spot welding

  • Work with mild and stainless steels plus aluminium

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    sheet metal fabrication service

    Sheet Metal Fabrication and Welding Facilities

    Fabrication and Welding Facilities Which Combine Accuracy With Capacity And Speed

    When a client comes to Wrekin Sheetmetal with their welding and fabrication requirements they enter into a genuine partnership. Rather than simply completing a one-off job, we deliver a professional service that is based on in-depth analysis of the problems a client is dealing with or the requirements they have followed by seamless delivery of the solutions they need.

    We invest in the newest and best equipment

    The expertise of the people working for Wrekin Sheetmetal combines with the investment we make in the newest and best equipment to create facilities that are flexible and highly responsive. It doesn’t matter whether a client comes to us needing a single item or large-scale batch production, we’ll take their design and turn it into a precision finished item.

    End to End Production

    The fact that we can handle every aspect of complex projects from initial design through production and assembly to delivery makes us the partner of choice for clients working in demanding sectors such as refrigeration, conveyors, and point of sale equipment.

    Located in Telford, we have over 23,000 sq ft of facilities ready to cater for your needs.

    Communication is key

    In addition to the excellence of the fabrication and welding work, we carry out our client’s value in the open and transparent way in which we work. Communication is quick, clear, and seamless throughout a project, and any questions a client has are answered promptly and in detail.

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