Powder Coating Services

Finished to perfection with Wrekin Sheetmetal’s powder coating service.

At Wrekin Sheetmetal, our fabrication operations can be completed with our in-house powder coating. This finishing process involves both pre-treatment, coating, and a full inspection and assembly.

We have scope for large parts and small components alike, with bespoke parts and irregular sizes catered for with a custom approach to our processes as well as hooks, jigs and flexible hanging techniques.

Powder Coating Capabilities:

  • RAL colours and high spec powders

  • Nordson Colour Max Booth with HD technology

  • Double pass oven for improved efficiency and turnaround

  • Part dimensions up to L 4000mm x W 860mm x D 1650mm

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    In-House Powder Coating

    We oversee the project, ensuring the final product meets your expectations. 

    Comprehensive Pre-Treatment Process

    Our 3-stage pre-treatment ensures surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for powder application.

    Diverse Range of Colours and Finishes

    With a choice of RAL colours, gloss and textured finishes, there will be a powder coating finish suitable for your needs.

    Advanced Application Technology

    Utilising HD technology, our Nordson Colour Max booth employs both automated and manual sprayers for precise powder coating control.

    powder coating service

    Powder Coating Services

    We offer a complete powder coating service at Wrekin Sheetmetal.

    This begins with a three-stage pre-treatment that consists of an iron phosphate cleanser, de-min water rinse and Gardolene® sealant. Our treatments clean and prepare the surfaces for powder application with long lasting results.

    During powder coating, our customers can select from a large stock of RAL colours, with a variety of gloss levels and textured finishes, in addition to high spec powders for antibacterial and high heat use.

    We work closely with a collection of approved suppliers that allows us to process special colours and finishes quickly to meet customer requirements. All colours and finishes can be provided in polyester and epoxy powder coatings to suit your project specifications.

    Additionally, our Nordson Colour Max booth with HD technology runs both automatic spray guns and manual sprayer platforms to provide excellent control over coverage and thickness.

    Finally, all parts undergo inspection as part of our quality process that monitors µm thickness, powder coverage, adhesion and compliant finish. Once approved, our assembly team provides a full assembly service as required, with parts available for packaging according to specifications or company standard.

    Powder Coating FAQs

    Powder coating is a dry finishing process used to apply a durable and protective layer of cured, coloured powder to a surface.

    During powder coating, dry powder, composed of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto an object. The charged particles adhere to the surface, forming a powder layer. The coated object is then cured in an oven, where the heat causes the powder to melt and fuse into a durable, smooth finish.

    Powder coating offers enhanced durability with a resilient, aesthetic finish that is less prone to chipping, fading or scratching compared to traditional liquid coatings. The manufacturing process is also quicker than liquid paint and can result in cost-savings in the long term thanks to its longevity and durability.

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