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Laser Cutting Cost Reduction Tips

Just like the sheets of metal you use, your laser-cutting costs can be trimmed to meet your needs perfectly. As a business, one of your main priorities is getting the best service at the right price. Laser cutting is well known for producing high and low volumes, a range of thicknesses and types of metal.

Why choose laser cutting?

Designing sheet metal parts involves a delicate balance between functionality, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. Any decisions made during the design phase significantly influence the final price of the part. Two critical design considerations that have a direct impact on pricing are the thickness and type of metal used. 

Laser cutting is also ideal for many projects since it offers the benefit of few to no flaws, minimum damage, incredible versatility, low waste, and, thanks to the CNC lasers, it can handle highly complex jobs with precision and consistency. With all the benefits, laser cutting is the best option for many projects. 

Here is what you need to know about reducing laser cutting costs.

Laser Cutting Cost Reduction Tips

Design Thickness

Laser cutting is so versatile it is used on a large variety of materials, which is why it is the go-to option for many projects from construction to automotive.

One of the first methods you can use to reduce the cost of your laser cutting projects is to consider the design of the metals you want to use. The more simple designs that do not require a thick gauge material will improve the costs.

Design plays a crucial role in the manufacturing and production process of a product. By paying attention to the design, it is possible to identify areas where cost savings can be made without compromising the product's quality or functionality

Type of Metal

The most significant advantage of laser cutting is that it is used to cut almost any type of material. When reducing the cost of your laser cutting, one of the critical considerations is the type of metal you choose.

Typically metals like steel have several grades and many of the same properties. When this happens, you can compare the benefits of each type and reduce the cost by choosing the least expensive options.

When the project is still in the design phase, this is the ideal time to discuss all the options for metal. For example, if you want to use high-grade aluminium, you will see a high cost because the metal is also more costly. It’s important to consider whether there is a cheaper metal alternative which has the same properties as high-grade aluminium.

Maintenance of Machinery

One of the most vital things when reducing your laser cutting costs is working with a manufacturer who understands that regular machinery maintenance is important.

Regular laser-cutting machine maintenance means that the likelihood of breakdown or the need for replacement is lowered, which reduces the chances of downtime.

Well, maintained laser cutters will be faster and cleaner and help the project stay on track to meet deadlines.

Skipping on regular maintenance is not cost-cutting. Instead, a breakdown, extensive repair costs, or a complete replacement could be possible. This can cause lengthy delays with additional costs.

When machinery is working optimally, the quality can be seen in the cut.


Nesting is the ultimate optimisation for laser cutting. Nesting means planning, laying out and cutting in specific ways to minimise waste.  

Nesting configures the design and placement to use and wastes fewer materials, compacting more parts and maximising what is possible per sheet.

Also, nesting offers the opportunity to reduce machine costs too. When the pieces are together, the time travelled between parts is reduced and speeds up the cutting process.

An additional consideration when it comes to reducing the cost of laser cutting is the order quantities. It is essential to factor in the economy of scale. The higher the volume of orders you place, the better the final cost will be because the lasers won’t need to reset and, instead, can continue to operate until the project is complete.

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